Why Join Us?






So you’re probably wondering why you should join the Caerphilly Players?
Well, here are few reasons from some of our awesome members!

“I joined the Players to develop my theatre skills. I started hamming it up in a comedy play, to building sets, operating special effects, hanging and operating lights and sound, stage managing, set-shoving and even directing my own play! I started as a shy but ambitious show off and have seen theatre from every angle now!” Kevin

“Acting’s always been a big part of my life but when I moved to Wales I let it slip by the wayside. I found Caerphilly Players when I was searching for local groups and it was the Pantos that attracted me as I had always wanted to be in one. I found they were such a fun and friendly group with people I could not only share a stage with but socialise with too. I found my best friend there. Prancing around on stage is an added bonus!” Jenny

“I met my husband doing amateur exametc.net dramatics in London, so when we moved to Caerphilly, the first thing we did was join the Players. 10 lb weighted blanket We were welcomed with open arms and friendly smiles. Over the years, friendships have flourished, ups and downs have been shared and laughter has never been far away. And I get to wear silly costumes, do funny voices and show off to my heart’s content.” Kathy

“I joined Caerphilly Players when I moved to Caerphilly two years ago. It’s local, friendly and it’s full of amazingly talented people who go along. When I was going through a hard time after losing a family member, it was a way for me to be someone else and have a laugh with the cast. You can learn so much from everyone and would definitely recommend coming along to see what it’s all about.” Bethan

“I wanted to be part of a group where I could use my artistic talents, and I’ve been able to do this ever since I joined Caerphilly Players. I was made to feel welcome, supported and appreciated. Not only have I used my Theatrical & Media Makeup skills for some of our productions, I’ve helped with creating costumes and props, designing sets and painting.   I’ve made many new friends who I’ve performed alongside on the stage. As a group, we have plenty of fun at social events and the various workshops we organise. So if you’re interested come along and join us.” Derry

“I moved to Wales from England and it didn’t really like home until I joined the Players. I found my Welsh family there as there is a special bond created when you go on stage together. We have so much fun and we are often found crying with laughter at rehearsals.   Personally, I’ve loved how I’ve taken part in such a variety of performances, such as Shakespeare, pantomimes and dramatic plays, learning new skills with each one. We can’t wait to meet new members, so come along!” Anna Louise

If you’ve always had a passion for plays and found something satisfying about shows, come and join us 70-243 !